Rockschool | Ukulele Method
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Ukulele Method

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Rockschool Ukulele Method


Start on the right note with Rockschool! The Rockschool Ukulele Method books have been designed for beginners as a fun and interactive introduction to the Ukulele.

Following on from the success of Rockschool’s Piano Method Books, the new Rockschool Ukulele Method books have been designed to guide an absolute beginner through the first steps of their musical journey on the fun, four-stringed instrument.

Complete with newly composed exercises, games and pieces, the Ukulele Method books are the perfect entry point for young players to use with their ukulele teachers, for both solo and ensemble performances.

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Why choose the Rockschool Ukulele Method?

An Introduction to the Ukulele

The Rockschool Ukulele Method Books introduce the fundamental skills and techniques of playing contemporary music to students who are new to the instrument. Each book has easily digestible topics that can be covered at the reader’s pace with their ukulele teacher.

Structured, Fun, Contemporary Learning

Each book is broken up into 6 progressive topics. Exercises and contemporary pieces accompany every topic, including duet parts and backing tracks to play along to. The Ukulele Method books make learning the ukulele fun and accessible in both a solo or ensemble environment.

Clear Progression Study Routes

Everything a student needs to learn about how to play the ukulele up to debut level is covered in the books. Book 2 has been benchmarked so that by the end of the book readers should be at the level required to enter their Debut ukulele exam.

Downloadable Audio

Your purchase includes all the Ukulele Method book accompanying audio as standard. The RSL shop allows students and teachers to use their favourite Rockschool titles on their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Internationally Recognised

Rockschool qualifications are taken in over 40 countries worldwide. The Rockschool Ukulele Method books are the instrument’s first steps into the larger setting of contemporary graded exams. Graded music exams are recognised across the world and can earn UCAS points to aid university entry in the UK.

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