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Music Production

Introducing the world’s first Music Production Graded Syllabus.

The Benchmark for…Music Producers


Rockschool Music Production – Coursework Edition expands on our 25+ year history of innovation throughout music education, providing aspiring producers and engineers with the most accessible music production graded syllabus.

On completion of a Rockschool Music Production grade, every candidate will own a wealth of technical, practical and theoretical knowledge that they can apply to real-world scenarios – whether it’s in audio production, electronic music production, mixing, editing, mastering or sound for media.

Dates & Fees

Music Production with a difference.

Unrivalled academic grounding

Rockschool Music Production was built with academic grounding and industry relevance in mind. Every practical, theoretical and aural test has been written and developed by industry professionals to give students an unrivalled level of academic grounding.

Unparalleled industry relevance

From a diverse range of production techniques, to highly relevant technical DAW skills, the Rockschool Music Production syllabus gives aspiring engineers and producers everything they need to progress and succeed in the industry.

Enhance your skills

Designed to meet the needs of all aspiring recording engineers, electronic music producers, mix engineers and mastering engineers, Rockschool Music Production caters for anyone interested in understanding the complete range of techniques and skills essential to modern music production.

Choose your area of specialism

From Grades 6 to 8 candidates can tailor their learning to their strengths, choosing their area of specialism, from Audio Production, Electronic Music Production and Sound for Media.

DAW agnostic

We recognise that Graded Music Exams should be accessible and relevant to a range of backgrounds and abilities so the coursework / exams are suitable for all music production software.

Study in your own time

Rockschool Music Production has been designed so you can study in your own time, giving you ample time to develop a wealth of skills and techniques that are highly relevant to today’s industry.


Completing a Rockschool Music Production exam is a rewarding experience – we’ll get you on your path to success in no time.

To get started, simply grab your Music Production book from the shop.

Please note the OLD Music Production books are suitable for the old-style exam. 

If you would like to do the NEW Coursework-style exams (60% of the assessment is done at home prior to the exam) please buy the Music Production – Coursework Edition books.

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Start Rockschool Music Production Now!

To start Rockschool Music Production, you’ll need a Rockschool book. Start with the Grade 1 book and work your way up through the Grades or jump in at a level that’s for you!

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Innovative, industry focused assessment

The syllabus will assess in the core areas of Music Production, giving students an unrivalled skill set that’s tailored to the demands of the industry.

Practical (60%)

A mixture of highly relevant technical DAW skills, alongside a range of industry-focused tasks in all areas of production

Theory (25%)

Theoretical understanding, from music production terminology to sound and audio fundamentals

Aural (15%)

Key listening skills, including a diverse range of production techniques, audio fidelity, stylistic awareness and basic rhythm and harmony

Book an Exam 

If you are interested in sitting a Music Production exam please contact the Federal office on for enrolment information.

The Music Production exam dates for 2019 are:

3-14 July, enrol before 3 June

4-15 December, enrol before 28 October

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The Rockschool Music Production Syllabus Guide

The course content we’ve compiled for Rockschool Music Production is listed in the syllabus guide, starting at Grade 1 and going up to Grade 8.

NEW Music Production Coursework Edition Syllabus (1.7 Mb, pdf)OLD Music Production Syllabus (1.7 Mb, pdf)
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