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Performance Arts Awards (PAA) are group graded examinations in musical theatre, jazz dance and street dance ranging from absolute beginner (Premiere) to advanced (Grade 8). AMEB Rockschool will be offering these syllabuses and exams in Australia and New Zealand in 2020. The syllabuses are written by RSL Awards, the same UK company that brings us Rockschool music examinations.
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Performance Arts Awards (PAA)

Unique and industry-relevant qualifications in dance and musical theatre.

Performance Arts Awards (PAA) are group graded examinations in Musical Theatre, Jazz Dance, Street Dance, Acting and Screen Acting, ranging from absolute beginner (Premiere) to advanced (Grade 8). Developed by industry specialists, PAA exams are specifically designed to measure, assess and reward progress whilst encouraging innovation and creativity.

AMEB Rockschool offer these syllabuses and exams in Australia and New Zealand. The syllabuses are written by RSL Awards, the same UK company that brings us Rockschool music examinations.

PAA Syllabuses

Musical Theatre

PAA examinations in Musical Theatre were the first to examine a group performance whilst assessing each candidate individually. PAA Musical Theatre examinations are accessible for all ages and abilities and provide teachers with the creativity and flexibility to enable every child to succeed.

Musical Theatre Syllabus


PAA Acting develops candidates of all ages and levels, assessing a range of communication, interpretative and technical skills through practical assessment. PAA Acting’s flexible delivery approach gives teachers complete creative freedom to compile scenes from plays or anthologies, adapted excerpts from novels, or even original scenes written by the candidates themselves. These can be performed in an exam as monologue(s), duologue(s) or scenes for three.

Acting Syllabus

Street Dance

PAA Street Dance further continues our long-standing commitment to industry relevance and academic rigour. Designed by leading UK street dance practitioners, PAA Street Dance exams will equip your learners with an authentic experience that’s true to the historical style of Street Dance.

Street Dance Syllabus

Screen Acting

This unique and innovative syllabus will develop your screen acting skills grade-by-grade so you can perform with confidence no matter what acting scenario you find yourself in. You’ll gain a practical knowledge of key camera angles utilised in TV and film production, allowing you to hone your screen acting technique and the opportunity to bring your characters to life, all whilst working towards an internationally recognised qualification.

Screen Acting Syllabus

Jazz Dance

Jazz Dance has always been one of the most popular styles of dance for students, professional dancers and choreographers. PAA offers the opportunity for candidates to earn a recognised and quality-assured qualification whilst doing something they enjoy.

Jazz Dance Syllabus

Public Speaking (NEW)

PAA’s suite of graded examinations in Public Speaking are tailor-made to support and encourage learners of all abilities to communicate effectively. No matter the age, level or background of a candidate, PAA’s Public Speaking qualifications from Premiere to Grade 8 will positively influence the learner’s communication skills, confidence, and employability.

Public Speaking Syllabus

Our Examiners come to you

All you need is a space for the performance, technical exercise and discussion.

Or, if you’re after a more flexible option, you can also enrol for a recorded video exam.

No teacher registration fees or prior training

We don’t charge any registration fee to teachers or studios to use PAA syllabuses. Plus no prior PAA qualification is required before you start teaching. The only cost is the exam enrolment fee.

All syllabuses and supporting materials are free

You can download all PAA syllabuses for free from the PAA UK website. You’ll also find all audio tracks and supporting exercise explainer videos there too.

Prepare your students for PAA exams now!

To access all the resources, syllabuses and information please visit the PAA UK site

For questions on enrolling in Australia or New Zealand please contact the AMEB Federal Office on All PAA enrolments are made through SCORE.

Enrolment fees and dates can be found on our Dates & Fees page.

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