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Free Choice Pieces

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Free Choice Pieces.

Free Choice Pieces

Play your favourite tunes in your exam

Free Choice Pieces can be used in all Rockschool Grade Examinations and Performance Certificates Grades Debut to Grade 8. There are no Free Choice Pieces for Premiere exams.

Backing tracks are no longer mandatory for Free Choice Pieces.  If you do have one it should be brought to the exam on a USB stick and sheet music must be provided for the examiner.

You do not need to seek permission for your choice.  If your teacher deems it to be of the correct standard and the length is similar to the pieces in the Grade book, then you are welcome to perform it.


For all graded examinations and video graded certificates, candidates may choose to perform a maximum of two free choice pieces.

For all performance certificates (except Premiere), in addition to a minimum of two performance piece from the RSL grade book, candidates may choose to perform a maximum of three free choice pieces.

Any style of music is now permitted, including traditional and classical.

The following will be acceptable as free choice pieces:

  • Pieces from previous RSL syllabuses at the same (or higher) grade
    (Please note that candidates must provide sheet music for ALL previous RSL syllabuses: examiners will only have access to current syllabus material)
  • The following permissible interchangeable RSL instruments:
    – Current or (any) previous RSL syllabus Electric Guitar repertoire performed in Acoustic Guitar exams
    – Current or (any) previous RSL syllabus Acoustic Guitar repertoire performed in Electric Guitar exams
  • Vocal wider repertoire pieces
  • Pieces from other regulated music exam boards at the same (or higher) grade.
  • RSL Grade book pieces in a different version
  • Original compositions
  • Any other piece or song


Backing Tracks:

  • Backing tracks are no longer mandatory for Free Choice Pieces.

Level of Demand:
Free choice pieces must demonstrate a comparable level of technical and musical demand to the pieces in the grade books, which can be referred to as an indication of appropriate level. Pieces should therefore be selected carefully to ensure that they provide suitable opportunity for candidates to demonstrate the necessary technical and musical competence for the grade. If a free choice piece does not meet these requirements this will impact on the level of achievement possible within the examination and will be reflected in the marks and comments.

For information on free choice piece durations, please download the relevant document for your chosen syllabus from the links above.

Candidates are reminded that RSL examination regulations state that pieces must be performed to the exact requirements as detailed in the relevant syllabus guide. If a performance piece overruns, the examiner may halt the performance and only assess the material demonstrated until that point.

Sheet Music:
Free choice pieces must be available in fully notated sheet music. Candidates need to bring a copy of the sheet music for the examiner to refer to during the examination. It is acceptable for candidates to refer to their own duplicate copy during the performance. Candidates are reminded that both copies need to fully reflect the interpretation and intended performance of the piece. Examiners will retain all photocopied materials from the exam session.

If sheet music is not provided for a free choice piece this will be deemed a ‘partial submission’ and may be reflected in the marking and comments.

Inadmissible Pieces:
If more free choice pieces are presented than allowed (ie. a third free choice piece in a graded exam or video graded certificate, or a fourth / fifth free choice piece in a performance certificate), the additional pieces will be judged as inadmissible and will receive a mark of zero.


If you would like to perform one or more free choice pieces please follow the criteria in the guides below to ensure the piece you have chosen is suitable.

Acoustic Guitar FCP GuideElectric Guitar FCP GuideBass FCP GuideDrums FCP GuidePiano FCP GuideVocal FCP GuideUkulele FCP Guide
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