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Video Exams

Video exams – unavailable in 2020 until further notice.

Please note that Video Exams will not be available in 2020 until further notice.  Rockschool UK is talking to its regulators and we hope to be able to reintroduce video exams soon.  Watch this space!

Dates & Fees

Video Exam Details


Video exams are only available in parts of Australia without ready access to our regular Rockschool Performance exams. Please contact your local AMEB State Office to see if you are eligible for a video exam.


Fees for video exams are the same as for regular Rockschool exams. To find out the fee for your instrument and grade, see our Dates and Fees page.

Instruments Examined

Candidates can currently sit Performance video exams in all instruments, from Premiere (Let’s Rock) to Grade 8.


Rockschool video exams take place during the normal exam sessions each year.

How it Works

  • Check with your local AMEB State Office that you live in an approved video exam location.
  • Enter using the relevant forms provided by your state office.
  • Two days prior to the exam date you’ve specified, we’ll email you to inform you that the video exam script is available.
  • Record the exam with a high quality camera — yes, you can use an iPhone!
  • When the exam is ready to commence, follow the instructions provided so you know what to do.
  • After the exam, upload the video to us using an approved secure upload method.
  • Inform us that the video has been uploaded and is ready to be examined.
  • A Rockschool examiner will review the recording and mark the exam as per a normal seated exam.
  • The results will be made available to you immediately.
  • If your candidate has passed, we’ll post you a Rockschool certificate shortly afterwards.


The following basic criteria must be met before you can organise a video exam:

  • Only Performance Exams can be sat as a video exam.
  • Video exams can only be booked and recorded by teachers or exam administrators — candidates cannot book and record themselves taking the exam.
  • Video exams must be recorded as one continuous recording.
  • Video exams must be recorded to a high quality so that the we can examine them accurately — we recommend at least 480p/480i with clear audio, and with the candidate fully visible throughout the duration of the video.
  • Video exams must be uploaded to Rockschool via one of our approved secure upload methods.

Dates & Fees
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